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November 2022

October 2022

Exclusive Posts For October 2022
⭐️ Investing in your creative gifts - Exclusive 📹
⭐️2 Years ago today... (the faithfulness of Yah) ✍️
⭐️ Big Music & Life Update + ("Good" Music Preview) ♬
⭐️ Kanye West says Black people are Judah 🎙
⭐️ Long Way (Music Preview) from Mind Flight

July 2022

Exclusive Posts For July 2022
⭐Battles (Free Download Final Song w/Lyrics) 🎵
Why I Choose To Do Life Music 📽️
What is the Best budget recording equipment? (AQAQ #2) 📽️
⭐Emily Sings "Weapon Called Praise" + Testimony 📽️
⭐Music Diary: Battles🎵 (Live Preview) 📽️
⭐️6 Year Anniversary 🥳 The Story Behind 🎵“Freeeeeeedom” 📽️
⭐️Creating A Better Tomorrow (Self-Care) 📽️
⭐️Cook Anything Tasty Lately? (Veggie Quesadillas)
⭐️ 7 Things I Experienced This Week [2] 📽️🎙️

June 2022

Exclusive Posts For June 2022
⭐️Thankful Thursday 4: Homemade Breakfast 🎙️
⭐️Breathe In The Midst of Your Storm 📽️
⭐️Thankful Thursday 3: My Momma 📽️
Music, Vibes, Freeflow 🎵 📽️
Bold As A Lion (🎵 Preview)
Saving Our Youth (AQAQ #1) 🎙️
Protect Your Peace (John 14:27) 🎙️
Celebrating a Beautiful Week 📽️
Thankful Thursday 2: His Faithfulness 📽️
How to Get the Desires of Your Heart (Psalm 37:4-7) 🎙️
10 Things I Experienced This Week (1) 🎙️
Great Grandma Planted The Seed of Music Diversity 🎙️
The Day Has Come! Moving 🏡(Behind The Scenes 📽️)

May 2022

Exclusive Posts For May 2022
⭐Music Diary: Pretty Boy 🎵📽️
The Key To Being Refreshed 📽️
Popular or Purposeful 🎙️
 ⭐The Making of Dreaming 🎵📽️
⭐#5 Manipulation in Religion (Using Scriptures) 📽️