đź‘‘ A Good Thingđź’ž

Desires / Non-negotiables

My ideal husband would be someone who...
Loves The Most High Yah
Never married
Never had children
No drugs or heavy alcohol
Age 44-50 & Height between 5'6-6'6
Entrepreneur (Preferred) Or Employed
Black or Multiracial (with Black)
Awake To Our Hebrew Identity
Not in a Camp or Religious Institution
Only Wants 1 Wife (Non-negotiable)
Operating in Gifts/Talents
Vegetarian/Vegan or Levitical Clean Foods
In Shape / Exercises or Sports 
Lives in Georgia or Willing to Relocate
Homeowner or Home Renter
Enjoys Music
Knows How To Change A Flat Tire

If you answered YES or THAT'S ME 
to my desires/non-negotiables above...