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  1. Awaken

From the recording Queens Mix 1

Life Music (The Introduction) by Hadassah Queen O
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Awaken from your sleep
Awaken from your slumber
Until we realize that our enemy we out number
Tell em wake up!

When you finally realize that everything up in your mind
has been programmed to be a slave in modern times
entertainment another form of enslavement
we still playin games while the rest collectin payments
but where our money at?
for all the inventions my ancestors made
they broke they backs to death
the slaves
They say don't worry bout it
that happened in the past
would you say that to the so call jews
when they went through the halo cast
the first stone so I can throw it atcha
you pushin snooze but I need your attention
while they still lynchin
aren't you tired of the permanent detention?

Debarim 7:6

now Im knockin im bangin
the truth will not go away until
you will open your eyes and your mind
to all of this slayin
and all the injust behavior
you say its not in your papers
when a video surfaces
and a child has been tazered
or brutally shot in the back
and no body knows why
I'm tryna tell my people man
gotta open your eyes
you say Hadassah this is crazy tell me when will it stop
when we AWAKEN as a nation and return back to YAH!