Introducing a music maestro with a knack for injecting creative flair into your projects. With a wealth of experience, skill, and a distinctive variety of styles, Hadassah Queen O is primed to bring a fresh wave of innovation to your next song or album. From catchy hooks to mesmerizing melodies, their talent knows no bounds. If you're seeking a unique, versatile, and seasoned professional, look no further. This is the creative powerhouse you've been waiting for. Unlock the potential of your project and elevate it to new heights by hiring Hadassah Queen O. A decision that will undoubtedly set your project apart. So why wait? Together - create something truly amazing!

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THE WORKS - Feature Hadassah Queen O

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This is a FULL feature PLUS YouTube & Newsletter Promotion once released. Rap verses, melodic hook, harmonies, adlibs etc.. Whatever your needs are for 1 song - Queen got you! You will receive vocal stems in 24bit WAV format.

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All features come with...

  1. The Creativity of The Most High Poured Out On Your Track
  2. Catchy Melody and Potent Rhymes 
  3. Songwriting (Lyrics/Melody for Hook if needed)
  4. Professional Mixing (if you choose that option)
  5. Fast Turn Around (14 business days)

Order with confidence above. Once payment comes through, you will be contacted via email with instructions on how to submit your song. For questions, comments etc. use the contact page to get in touch.