For almost three decades, Octavia aka Hadassah Queen O has evoked her sound and attitude in music through lyrics that are uplifting and encouraging to others. 

A self-taught and passionate go-getter who’s well-known in the various facets of music and entrepreneurship, she draws her motivation in being able to help others from giving up because life can get hard and rough at times. Nonetheless, with all of her bright moments, she has also faced many hardships in life that were not so lit, including; the death of her father in 2000, the heavy blow of her brother's suicide on April 9th, 2006, tearing her ACL and Meniscus October 7, 2020, and her stepdad dying from Covid-19 May 7, 2021. 

Having to mentally fight through all the darkness has produced the inspirational leader you see in her today. There's no "quit" in her DNA. Giving up is not an option. Her motto is simply "Head up! Shoulders Back!" and she gives all the credit for her resiliency to her guiding light, whom she refers to as The Most High, YAH.

In former times, she landed the opportunity to fill in for Queen Latifah at Z100’s Last Chance Summer Dance – rocking a crowd of over 10,000 and has been booked for numerous paid shows and events. She's also had the experience of recording in a studio mansion in Monterrey Mexico with a Billboard producer and those are just a few highlights. 

These music industry experiences were extraordinary, equipping her with the expertise to apply the principles and thrive as a self-sufficient music artist. Her music catalog, featured on the music page, showcases a diverse collection of uplifting and inspiring projects that will not only get you moving but also provoke thought with their profound lyrics.

"After discovering the deceit and perils associated with wealth and fame in the music industry, my aspirations shifted. I was compelled to pursue a virtuous path and illuminate the shadows. I now appreciate the journey I've embarked on and find solace in the realization that it is one's actions for the Creator of Heaven and Earth that truly matter in the long run." - Hadassah Queen O

Back Catalog (Octavia Harris, 151, Jymini)

In 1994, my journey began. It initially started in the streets, then transitioned towards Christianity, and now I am on a beautiful quest to discover the light of YAH. If you have only known me for the past few years, you might be interested in my testimony. To fully grasp my story, I would direct your attention to my extensive collection of over 100 songs that display raw honesty. By listening to my earlier albums, not only will you gain insight into my upbringing and personal journey, but you will also stumble upon uplifting moments that highlight Yah's patient love, forgiveness, and protection. Let take this journey together...

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Hadassah Queen O and Cameron Joy - the inspirational dynamic duo for The Most High!

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