I am Creativity flowing free.”

— Hadassah Queen O


Hadassah Queen O is a self taught, passionate, go-getter who’s been in various facets of music and entrepreneurship for over 20 years. She has sold thousands of CDs independently since releasing her first tape in 1994. What truly sets Queen apart is her positive energy!

She landed the opportunity to fill in for Queen Latifah at Z100’s Last Chance Summer Dance – rocking a crowd of over 10,000 and has been booked for numerous paid shows and events. She's had the experience of recording in a studio mansion in Monterrey Mexico with a Billboard producer and those are just a few highlights. 

However with all of the bright moments, she's also had to face many hardships in life that were not so lit, like the death of her father in 2000, the heavy blow of her brothers suicide April 9th, 2006, tearing her ACL and Meniscus October 7, 2020 and her step-dad dying from Covid-19 May 7, 2021. Having to mentally fight through darkness has produced the inspirational leader you see today. There's no "quit" in her DNA. Giving up is not an option. Her motto is simply "Head up! Shoulders Back!" and she gives all the credit for her resiliency to her guiding light, whom she refers to as Yah. 

Queen's mindset is to see and embrace challenges as "fuel" to move one forward. She radiates this type of contagious energy whether she's streaming online or  inspiring through creative music projects.

Queens music can be found on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play etc. Under her name: HADASSAH QUEEN O.

Or you can purchase directly from THE ROYALTY STORE.


Queen is the founder of the inspirational female group Open Writers. You can find all things OW by clicking the button.