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For nearly three decades, Octavia, also known as Hadassah Queen O, has poured her distinctive sound and attitude into music, writing lyrics that uplift and inspire others.

A self-taught and passionate go-getter, Octavia is recognized in various realms of music and entrepreneurship. Her drive stems from a deep-rooted desire to support others during challenging times, acknowledging that life can be tough. Despite shining moments, she has encountered her fair share of hardships, including the loss of her father in 2000, the profound impact of her brother's suicide on April 9th, 2006, a significant injury tearing her ACL and Meniscus on October 7, 2020, and the painful loss of her stepdad to Covid-19 on May 7, 2021.

Through the mental battles with darkness, Octavia has emerged as the inspirational leader she is today. Her DNA doesn't contain the word "quit," and giving up is simply not an option. Her guiding light, whom she reveres as The Most High, YAH, is credited for her unwavering resilience.

In her earlier years, Octavia seized the opportunity to fill in for Queen Latifah at Z100’s Last Chance Summer Dance, commanding a crowd of over 10,000. She has been booked for numerous paid shows and events, including recording in a studio mansion in Monterrey, Mexico, with a Billboard producer. These extraordinary experiences in the music industry equipped her with expertise, allowing her to thrive as a self-sufficient music artist and creative strategy coach.

Explore Octavia's diverse music catalog on the music page, where you'll find an array of uplifting and inspiring projects. These tracks are not only designed to get you moving but also to provoke thought with their profound lyrics. You can also learn more about her upcoming membership launch; "Head Up! Shoulders Back!, an inspirational community and resources to help you overcome adversity and achieve your goals. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with Octavia and other like-minded individuals who share your passion for music, life and the Most High!

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