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My name is Hadassah Queen O, and in a nutshell, I love The Creator, I love people of all races, I love creating music, and coaching among other interesting things I tend to write passionately about on my blog.

The praise and worship music I create stems from a genuine connection to Yah (Psalm 68:4) rather than a mere religious practice. It is fueled by inspiration, love, pain, experience, hope, and faith. On various projects, you can explore how my music goes beyond religious boundaries to capture the essence of a heartfelt relationship.

I do not subscribe to man-made religions or blanket myself under a specific title or group. I am simply in a "relationship" with The Creator of the bible by way of His Sons blood (Yahusha) that was shed for my transgressions.

My motto is simple: "Head Up! Shoulders Back!" and I've released tons of fresh music that can help you do just that!

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Get ready to be inspired! I am thrilled to share with you the exciting journey of working on my new album and the incredible moments I've experienced in the studio. As the release date draws near, I can't help but feel the anticipation building. From the creative process to the energy-filled recording sessions, every step has been a memorable adventure. Join me as I take you behind the scenes and give you a glimpse into the fun times and hard work that have gone into crafting this new collection of inspiring music. Stay tuned for the release of "Good" and get ready to be uplifted by the power of praise and worship music!