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I go by the name Octavia, though you might recognize my music under the alias Hadassah Queen O. In a nutshell, I have a profound love for The Creator, an appreciation for people from all walks of life, a passion for crafting music, and a knack for coaching aspiring artists and entrepreneurs. You'll find me writing about these and other fascinating topics on my blog, always with a touch of passion.

My music isn't just about singing praises—it's a genuine connection to Yah (Psalm 68:4) that drives my creativity. It's a fusion of inspiration, love, pain, experience, hope, and faith, all rolled into one. Each project showcases how my music transcends the confines of religion to dive into the depths of a sincere spiritual bond. I don't confine myself to any particular man-made doctrines or group labels. My relationship with the Creator, established through the bloodline of His Hebrew Son, Yahusha, is what truly defines my spiritual journey. My motto is simple yet powerful: "Head Up! Shoulders Back!" You'll find an array of my latest tracks that can lift your spirits and keep you moving forward! 

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