Sharpie Scribbles To Songwriting Lyrics You'll Love

From my earliest memories, a pen has always been within reach. Whether it was the bold ink of a sharpie pressed against my palm or the scratch of a number 2 pencil on college-ruled paper, each stroke fueled a deep-seated passion for songwriting and creativity that has lasted a lifetime.

People often ask me, ‘Queen, do you write the lyrics for all your songs?’ And I proudly say Yes! Songwriting comes to me as easily as a fish swims in water, especially melody creation. I thoroughly enjoy creating a song from the beginning to the end.

My goal: Every song I write isn’t just creative and pleasing to the ear; it’s also deeply meaningful. Whether they inspire you to dance or reflect, my lyrics and melodies are designed to resonate with your heart.

Styles I specialize in:

  • Praise and Worship: Lift spirits and touch souls.
  • R&B: Smooth vibes and heartfelt emotions.
  • Rap: Powerful words and rhythm.
  • Singer-Songwriter: Raw and authentic storytelling.
  • Pop/Rock: Catchy hooks and anthems.
  • Spoken Word: Where words dance, emotions ignite, and stories come alive.

Got a specific song or style in mind? Just let me know, and we’ll bring your vision to life!

Songwriting Made Simple

"I want my ideas out there!"

Life can get busy with work, family, and everything else, and time just flies by! 

What I offer:

  • One song? Absolutely! Let’s create something special.
  • Full album? I’ve got you covered. We’ll make it memorable.
  • Time-saving: I’m here to help you connect better with your fans through music that leaves a lasting impression.

About My Pricing

Choosing custom songwriting is a significant decision. That’s why I’ve designed my prices to provide exceptional value without compromising quality. I aim to make professional songwriting affordable for all.

When you review my pricing, you’ll notice the original rates with a slash through them. This isn’t a temporary sale; it’s my commitment to affordability, especially during uncertain times. Music holds immense power, and I firmly believe that everyone should have access to it.

I want my ideas to become great songs!

So, when you select one of my packages, know that you're not just getting a song; you're investing in a creative journey tailored to your vision. Whether it's my Basic, Standard, or Premium package, just know that each option is created with care, dedication and attention to detail.

 Let me bring your musical ideas to life, without breaking the bank. Once I receive your songwriting form and music, I'll dive right in!

Pricing Packages:

Offering three flexible packages to suit your needs:

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Delivery Options and Expectations