From Pain to Passion: How Yah’s Love Transformed My Life

The Phone Recordings of Octavia

This audiobook is a raw and honest account of how Octavia overcame her struggles growing up and found the love and protection of Yah. Based on phone recordings from 2014, it reveals her personal and spiritual journey: from her childhood memories before the storm to her liberation from homosexuality; from her encounters with religious deception and manipulation to her search for meaning and love on the streets. While recording this, she was on the verge of discovering Yah’s name and her Hebraic faith, which would change her life forever. This is not her entire life story, but a powerful testimony of how Yah can heal, restore, and use anyone who is willing to be transparent and surrender to Him. This audiobook is about two hours long and has 17 chapters, one of which is about salvation and turning to the Father.

Note: Octavia feels that this audiobook is suitable for 18 years and older, as the content gets detailed and raw. She advises parents to listen first and decide if they want their younger children to listen.