License / FAQS

Q. What's the story behind the new Art Store?
A. As a creative artist and entrepreneur, I always have need for high quality social media images, cool website banners, interesting art for videos and other visuals to enhance my creative projects. The struggle has always been, finding the right images that I personally connect to and would also speak the visual language of my community. I always found myself frustrated while searching for true biblical and end time themes, people of color or positive African-American lifestyle images that represented well. Now with the advancement of AI technology, the struggle is over, and the dream has begun. I not only can create original pieces for myself but also provide images for you to use with your own personal and commercial purposes. Whether you need images for video, music, poetry, apparel, blog posts, book illustrations, wallpaper backgrounds, or social media - the sky is your launching pad! These images will spark new ideas for your passions! I’m excited for you to use them!

Q. How are these images created?
A. Staying up too late, drinking coffee, and countless hours of experimenting with creative ideas, inputting a combination of custom prompts using the latest generative AI technology.

Q. Can I use these images for my commercial and personal projects? 
A. Yes. The image license agreement is very simple. You have non-exclusive leasing rights that grant permission to use the image(s) purchased for personal and commercial purposes. A lease means the images in the Art Store can be resold. You cannot re-sell the image(s) themselves as a standalone product. Promoting violence, hate or malevolent reasons is prohibited. I respectfully ask that you use the art for education, inspiration, edification and transformation. Contact me if you have any questions.

Q. Do these images come with a watermark?
A. No. When your purchase goes through, you will automatically receive an email with links to download your image(s) without a watermark. The watermark is only on the preview and placed over the image to protect me from people stealing my work.

Q. Do you take custom orders?  
A. Not at the moment but perhaps in the near future! I do however love taking new requests to get an idea of what people want. You can submit a request and share your idea. It's very possible that some variation of what you want could make its way onto the Art Store.

Q. What are your image sizes?   
A. Standard orders come in 1344x768 pixels which is suitable for most projects. If you need bigger sizes and higher quality for film, print or whatever your needs may be - it's easy to Size Up your image!

Q. How often do you add new images to the Art Store?    
A. Every week new images are being added! You can sign up for fresh updates on the Art Store page.