Hadassah Queen O – Mind Flight 

Hadassah Queen O sings with an extraordinary soulfulness on the powerful “Mind Flight”. The album is framed as a clever approach on one’s own journey. Some of the elements within the album, like the skits, harken back to an earlier time in hip-hop. Much of the atmosphere has this distinctly 90s fervor to it, and, as someone who grew up with this particular era, is doubly refreshing to hear not just done, but done so well. Because the arrangements on here do have that perfect understanding of hooks, rhythm, beats, and production. Far from being a pure nostalgia trip though she updates a few of the elements, adding a contemporary flair. Parts of chillwave, vaporwave, trap, these are in the outer fringes of the album but they still command an essential presence. 

An incredible array of touchstones exists within the epic stylish sound. Her voice bares more than a passing resemblance to Lauryn Hill’s muscular delivery. There is that sense of strength with tenderness that adds to the allure of the whole album. Some of the sweeter moments, the sheer optimism that shines through, brings to mind Noname’s singularly excellent output. 

“Departure Skit” opens the album up, but things start in earnest on the silky-smooth vocalizations of “All My Love (feat. Nolo)”. A blissed-out mixture of luxury meets faded chords graces the entirety of “First Class”. On “Long Way” she forgoes the electronic for a spirit that has a western twang, as the shift to the organic feels vibrant. “Expecting U (feat. Keybeaux)” sounds like a long-lost 80s hit. Pop catchiness burrows itself into “I Can” for the sheer determination reflected upon in the lyrics is real. The double-skit mixture of “Up In The Air” alongside the “Lackin’ Skit” both set the scene for “Lackin’”. By far the highlight of the album “Lackin’” serves as the heart of the experience. Pure confidence rolls through on “Don’t Mynd Mee”. Elastic grooves feature a looseness on the dreamy “Chasin’ Sumthin Real”. Full of compassion and love for those around her is the thoughtful “When I Thought”. Instrumental depth draws the listener into a kaleidoscopic series of patterns with “Safe Landing”. Tight grooves close things off on a high note with the stately “Pictures of Hope”. 

Full of such a sense of inner peace, Hadassah Queen O invites the listener on a gorgeous trip with “Mind Flight”. 

Review by Beach Sloth