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Female Rap Vocals & Rock Guitar by HQO gives you the best of both worlds: Attitude and Edge. Inside this sample pack you’ll find Aggressive Female Rap Vocals made to show up and show out plus Flamed up Hard Rock Guitars ready to burn the house down! DETAILS: 1 Full Rap Hook with singing vocals (dry/wet versions provided), 2 additional Rap lines, 7 Vox Arpeggios with FX and 19 Live Rock Guitar loops ran through amps and recorded at 86bpm. Rock these samples “as is” or mix-n-match, chop-n-slice to create something new. Perfect for Rap-Rock-Trap producers looking to instantly bring an “edge” to their music projects! Download Female Rap Vocals & Rock Guitar by HQO today!

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The funk Queen put her foot in this pack! HQO’s "FUNK WIT IT" captures the essence of modern funk with plenty of groovy gems to get the party started and keep it going. In this bag of energetic audio you’ll find dope female vocals (ad-libs, catchy hooks, phrases), live recorded rhythm guitar and two styles of live bass (slap and direct). The audio demo is just 1 of many examples of how you can flip these loops to make something completely new! Great collection of juicy vibes for Funk, Disco and Party music producers. Danceable 24bit WAVs were recorded at 113bpm and variations are provided for your creative pleasure. Soooo whatcha waiting on? Gone and FUNK WIT IT.

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"808 Vox One Shots" are ready to load up in your sampler and make your tracks knock! These gems were distorted, squished and some stretched.. heavily processed with FX to help you stand out from the rest. Trap, Dubstep and Grime genres work best, but dive into the deep and explore - You got next! 5 BONUS KICK DRUM LOOPS included Would love to hear what you create with these one shots! I'm @soundvariety on Instagram.

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Dancehall Rhythmic Vocal Loops is all about FEEL. Many of the vocals are in an unknown tongue and somehow you can still sense what’s meant to be said. I closed my eyes and pictured an island with many tribes, sounds of beating drums and deeply rooted voices. I began to create from what I felt and Dancehall Rhythmic Vocal Loops was born. These vocals are great for adding that secret sauce to your Reggaeton, Moombahton and even Caribbean style tracks. Whether you chop them up or use as-is, these samples will instantly make your beats sound unique. Far as processing, I had fun experimenting with pitch, distortion and a combination of effects to come up with interesting textures. One vocal I tweaked for about a half hour and my ears still hadn’t heard what I imagined, so right when I was about to start with something new, I turned a knob slightly and bam!! out jumped this grit guitar-ish type sound! I was like wow that’s hot! All the loops you hear come from experimenting with the human voice. I hope you enjoy the variety and heart put into this pack. I’d love to hear what you produce with it. I'm @soundvariety on instagram. Oh and I threw in a few one shot vocals as well. All files are 24bit WAV format and recorded at 93bpm. Have fun being creative with your next Dancehall Riddim!

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